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Leavesden Hospital Remembrance  Day 2014 

Even the slight bit of rain which fell could not have dampened the spirits and emotions of all those who joined me for the unveiling of the Leavesden Hospital Remembrance plaque held in the south side of Leavesden Country Park on 8 October 2014. I was humbled and honoured that after almost 6 years of talking about, raising money for and working on this remembrance day that over 35 people come out to remember and recognize their time working/volunteering at the hospital or the memories of family members who worked there. Joining these former employees of the hospitals were the chairmen’s of the Abbots Langley Parish and Three Rivers District Councils, several local district councillors and our local Abbots Langley neighbourhood PCSOs who have supported all my work at the park over the years and helped to make it what it is today.

Most moving and meaningful to me and to those present were the words chosen by Father Eddie Green of the Leavesden All Saints Church who prayed for and spoke about the calling we all have and which was exemplified by those who worked, volunteered and lived in the hospitals to care for all those who for whatever reason cannot care for themselves. This simple but meaningfull plaque will live on at this site to remind future generations of the heroic work perfomed by so many others from 1870 to 1995."


Martin Brooks, Founder

Leavesden Hospital History Association


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