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Leavesden Hospital Histopry Association
Leavesden Hospital Histopry Association

Walking History Tours and Lectures 

If you or your group would like to arrange a FREE walking history tour of the hospital grounds and view some of the remaining buildings, the old cemetery and other points of interest or to arrange to have our Chairman Martin Brooks come to you please contact us through the contacts page of this web site or email us at leavesdenhospitalhistory@gmail. com


Martin Brooks is incredibly well versed in front of an audience and makes a captivating speaker. Bringing humour and intelligence to extensive research which he has spent years passionately pursuing, Martin speaks to a variety of people from local history enthusiasts to local schools, all the way up to university level, in hopes of raising awareness of the work done at this hospital. He has given his lecture “A Brief Walk Through Time’ The History of Leavesden Hospital from 1870 to 1994 to such groups as:


Leavesden Green Middle School

Copperbeech Women's Club.

Watford and District National Trust.

University of the 3rd Age (U3A) Hertfordshire, Watford, Abbots and Croxley Green Branches.

Rickmansworth Historical Society.

St. Albans Priory Club.

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