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Leavesden Hospital Histopry Association
Leavesden Hospital Histopry Association

Atrefacts and Memorabilia

Over the last 8 years we have collected and had donated many artefacts and pieces of memorabilia relating to the history and heritage of the hospital which gives us a fascinating glimpse into the day to day lives and work of the staff. These are only a few.



Leavesden Asylum Payment Ledger Book

8th October 1870


30th September 1871








Stewarts Log Book

31st July 1895 to 14h June 1899

written in by Mr H Chapman

Contains the only written record of the murder, buy poisoning of Caroline Ansell (a patient in the hospital) by her sister Mary Ann for the purpose of collecting a £300 life insurance policy.



Manual of Duties for staff in 1932


Note the requirement for the association of male and female staff and for resident nurses to obtain the permission of the Medical superintendent before “passing the night out.” 



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