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The Places

A view of the north side service entrance into the hospital from College Road (then called Asylum Road) in 1910. The hospital is on the left and the large building on the right is the St Pancras Workhouse nurses quarters.







The main administration building of the hospital as it looks now.

Ground floors were used for storage of produce, the first floors were the offices and the second floor units were housing for single, senior staff members such as the Head Matron and the Chief Stewart. They were converted into residential housing when the hospital was closed in 1995



The recreation hall was built in 1891 and used for many purposes such as Panto, performances by the staff and patient bands, special social occasions and wedding receptions for both staff and patients. They also had a cinema until 1912 when the projector caught fire and they thought better of it. 


The Recreational Hall as it looked when set up for a social event in 1937.
















The chapel and its services was an integral part of the day to day life of the hospital during its entire history and like most of the rest of the hospital was used to house soldiers during both world wars. This building is now owned by DEMAND who still provide medical services to the disabled

Many areas of the hospital, including the chapel, were used to house soldiers on their way to fight in both World Wars. For more information about the hospital staff and residents of Abbots Langley who went off to war please contact Back to the Front on their web site.

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