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Genealogy and Family History


The Leavesden Hospital History Association does not hold any medical records of people who may have been patients at the hospital from 1870 to 1995.

This is due to many of the hospital’s records being destroyed in a flood of the hospital’s records room in 1930. Any remaining records were destroyed by the NHS when they closed the site in October of 1995.

  We do have some information on staff and patients which can be found in the Document Archives section of this web site.

  More documents are being added all the time so check back often to see if you can find the person(s) you are looking for. You can also email us at leavesdenhospitalhistory@gmail.com with your enquiries.


  The London Metropolitan Archives has a large collection of patient records and other related documents from the hospital which are all listed in the PDF file below.

  Unfortunately, most of these records are not available for viewing by the general public as they are deemed “Unfit or Not available for general access” by the London Metropolitan Archives. I asked the London Metropolitan Archives for an explanation for this, and they replied:

 "The records were kept in very damp and dirty conditions in the basement of the hospital. Consequently, much of the material came to us covered in mould. Although the records have now been cleaned of mould, they have not been cleaned or repaired to the extent that they can be handled safely by staff or the public."


  You may also want to check with the Hertfordshire Archives and Library Service as they have some records from the hospital.


Thank you and best of luck on your search.


Martin T Brooks

17 March 2023

London Metropolitan Archieves - Leavesden Asylum/Hospital
Catalogue of documents relating to the Leavesden Asylum/Hospital 1870 to1995. 11-8-2021
London Metropolitian Archieves Catalouge[...]
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