Leavesden Hospital History Association "The Act of Caring is Heroic"
Leavesden Hospital History Association"The Act of Caring is Heroic"

  The Leavesden Hospital History Association (LHHA) was founded in 2011 by Martin T Brooks, former Park Ranger at Leaveden Country Park, for the purpose of preserving the history, heritage, memorabilia and memories of the doctors, nurses, staff, volunteers and residents who worked and lived at the Leavesden Asylum/Hospital (1870-1994), St. Pancras Orphanage (1870-1932), Canadian Hospital (1939-1947), Abbots Langley General Hospital (1947 to 1995) and the Springfield Special Needs School  (1976 to 1995). All of these facilities occupied at one time an area of approximately 187 acres on the north and south sides of College Road (formerly Asylum Road) in Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire and what is now Leavesden Country Park.


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