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Leavesden Hospital History Association "The Act of Caring is Heroic"
Leavesden Hospital History Association"The Act of Caring is Heroic"

Collection of Documents from the Hospital

Since 2009, I have collected a very large, and in some cases rare, assortment of doucments which relate to the people, places and events that made up the Leavesden Asylum/Hospital from 1870 to 1995. These are being made available to the public so that anyone wishing to learn more about or research the operations of the hospital has as much information as possible, all in one place. I will be adding documents here soon so check back. Thank you. Martin Brooks -  3 November 2020 

The History of Leavesden Hospital by Monica Diplock 1990
Monica Diplock was the Head of the Male Occupational Therapy Department at the Leavesden Hospital from 1962 to 1984. Seeing the writing on the walls that the hospital would soon be closing, she set about recording its history and heritage. Monica passed away in October of 2020 at the age of 95.
The History of Leavesden Hospital - M Di[...]
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Leavesden Hospital - Insight Magazine - October 1975
Leavesden Hospital-Insight Magazine-Octo[...]
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